low fps on games and facebook messenger app problems

hello i own an mx5 for 3months now i never had any problems but since i updated to 5.1 a versions everything goes wrong…
Facebook messenger app doesn’t work on multitasking. when i try to brink it back from multitasking it shuts down and shows a message could not start messenger… the other problem is that when i play heavy duty games( like gods of Rome) after a minute or two starts to drop the fps. to be complete honest i have not played any games like that with the 5.0 versions… is that a hardware problem?

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First of all - no worries.
This is obviously a software problem and therefore shouldn’t be concerning.

How did you upgraded your phone?
Did you cleared data?

If not, you need to reflash the firmware with “Clear Data” option.
Otherwise you might as well downgrade to your previous Flyme version.

Check our F.A.Q. for the flashing procedure:

The process is the same, no matter if upgrading, downgrading or reflashing.

Hello thanks for the reply. I have a Chinese mainland device and i had it rooted to an i version when i tryed to update it stuck on flyme boot screen so i had to clear data and install through boot directory an a version. Its just that i like tha multitasking on this firmware and i also like the battery life. When i had the i version i had 1 and a half days of battery life now i have 2and a half. Its a big difference. So you think i should just downgrade;

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