adb backup with flyme os 4 and chinese mx4

If have the chinese version of the mx4 with flyme os

I want to do a back with ADB but somehow it finishes the backup immediately without any error.

  1. adb backup [I tried various options]
  2. confirmation on the device
  3. backup started
  4. backup finished

The backup file is just a few KB in size.

Any ideas on this topic ?

Is it even possible to do an ADB backup with Meizu MX4 ?

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Define “normal” MX4 :-) . I’m new to Meizu.

Model: MX4
Flyme Version:

No root because I can’t register a Flyme account. Just USB debugging enabled.

Edit: I can use other ADB commands like “adb shell”

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Meizu MX4

Normal MX4: Android version
Unlocked MX4: Ubuntu Touch version

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