Meizu Mx5 keeps shuting down

Hello everybody and I am wishing you all the best for 2016.
I recently bought meizu mx5 from a China shop. I rooted the phone, since it came with Chinese apps and no google services. For the first couple of weeks everything worked perfectly. Then unexpected reboots or shut downs took place while multitasking. I thought it was a software issue, so I performed clear data from the recovery menu, but nothing changed. I then
updared to flyme5. 2.1.0A firmwear and left the phone unrooted but still the same. It usually shuts down several times before it opens properly. Is it a hardware failure? What should I do?Thank you all in advance.
Martha Mits.

@marthamits if it keeps rebooting after clear data maybe it’s hardware and youll have to send it to the seller. I hope you bought it from a good shop so you won’t have any problems…
But also try a hard reset

@Dartaholics I have tried both factory and hard reset. Didn’t help. Thank you for your response though. Before I sent it back I want to make sure that it’s not any memory management issue that I can fix.

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