Facebook and messenger problem

Hi all

I have problem with Facebook since yesterday
i’m trying to open Facebook and comes white screen with fb logo than not run…

How can i fix this problem


@Mfk facebook app is usually buggy
try using tinfoil for facebook or facebook lite.
did you remove any system apps?

Yes i did
I restored the system 2-3 times with wipe data

Whats wrong fb?

@Mfk it’s not normal for facebook not to open at all…
You tried to install ROM again with wipe data and it’s still not working?

Yes i tried to install 2-3 times with wipe data and still not working

hey, ive got the same problem since yesterday.

Same here, after i update my fb its not working anymore, and when i open fb messenger its all white screen. Is there a fix for this?

Use an older version and don’t update anymore

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Facebook just start update to version 60and 61 , probably that what causing the problem…
Go to apkmirror.com and search facebook then download the latest 59 version and after you install go to google play and remove auto update to facebook


Everything what you’ve written I have done but it still not run.

Has anyone fixed problem

@Mfk Facebook app is not running at all on our devices. I found app called Tinfoil for Facebook which has good look, better than Facebook Lite. But no notifications are displayed.

Meizu MX5

Actually , facebook is working if you download the Chinese appstore version , but messenger isn’t working at all . No one figure it out ?

Iám using FB messenger version It is working on my Meizu Metal.

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Meizu MX5

@zaneshew Thank you for info , and Facebook version ?

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