Low sound output from earphones.
Meizu m2 note

Yesterday I used - after a long time - my earphones (Apple Earphones which work fine) with Meizu M2 Note and Play Music app to listen some music. Even with Sound level set to full, the output was very low. …if I’m not mistaken, this is the first time I notice this. I don’t know if it is an update issue or something else but still, it’s an issue. Any thoughts, suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

@Hellenicsun are you using a case? the 3.5mm jack maybe doesn’t fit the whole way
maybe it’s the song
did you try another pair of earphones? or the apple ones on another phone?
never had such an issue

Meizu m2 note

Thanks for the quick reply.

  • Yes, I have a case which does not affect the 3.5mm jack.

  • Yes, I have tried another pair because I have the exact earphones model twice.

  • I do not have another phone to try (which will also have the Play Music app with my songs).

  • Definitely not the song.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@Hellenicsun im also using Apple earpods and here are another possible issues:

  • you might have enabled the eq from meizu, go into the stock meizu music app -> eq and disable it or decrease the low freq amplifying

-you can increase sound volume by going into the settings -> sound -> hifi-sound

and set it to high. if you dont have the meizu eq enabled you can also go to line out but ive warned you, if your ears explode, its not my fault :D just go on low volume before you try it. but unfortunately its not compatible with the music FX app from meizu ( first screenshot ) because its acctually really good and gives better sound equalisation… hope sth will work for you . otherwise I would reflash the firmware without clearing data :)

@mx4pro I think the Hi Fi settings applies only for the MX4 Pro and Pro 5 since they have dedicated Amps :smiley:

@Hellenicsun Was the volume fine before or did it just drop to a very low level?

Meizu m2 note

@mx4pro I managed to somehow increase slightly the volume by enabling the Dirac HD Sound feature within Music app and selecting EarPods setting - thanks for the idea!

Meizu m2 note

@Anice29 it used to be fine and loud. Suddenly it dropped to a low volume. I used to listen to music using public transport without listening “outside” sounds but not any more.

@Hellenicsun sounds more like a software issue. Did you try to update the music app and then downgrading it since you are still using the old version of the music app? Also you can boost the volume in the MTK settings for mediatek processors. I did that on mine and it has very decent sound quality with the diracHD for a cheap phone

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