Installing new firmware (FAQ don't work... for me)


I am a little embarrased but I can’t install the new firmware (Flyme OS A) for my Meizu M2 Mini.

I downloaded the file from Meizufans as the FAQ suggests.
I managed to put the in the Download folder. (Has the same path as in the FAQ)
But when I click on it the only option I get is to extract the! So option 1 isn’t suited for me (for the files I have)
I tried option 2. I moved the update folder in the root directory. But when I get to the screen where you can choose between firmware updates and data clear, I chose data clear and get the message that no firware is found.

Help, at all who has succesfully installed Flyme OS A with the files provided from Meizufans!

Note: I have no experiences with smartphones. This is my first one, so be a little patient with me. I really need a noobie noob guide.

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@ano20xx Are you sure that the is in the root directory? And are you sure that it’s called ?

Please post a screenshot of the in your root directory.

@Ultrametric What do I have to press to make a screenshot? …Sry!

That is my path for the (from pc to smartphone):
Computer\m2\Phone storage\Download
Well, when I press Volume Up + Power (trying again and again, moment pls) my phone goes into sleep modus.
Another question (maybe that is the mistake): Is a Sim card necessary for a update.

EDIT: Yeah, I managed a screenshot. Here are the pics after I used option 2:

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@ano20xx that’s fine.

Now you just do what is written in the F.A.Q.

Turn off your phone and boot into recovery. This you do by pressing and holding VolumeUP + Power until you see the Meizu logo. As soon you are there you select update + clear data.

And you can not use method 1 of the F.A.Q… Because you bought the phone from a Chinese re-seller and this re-seller manipulated your phone. (That’s a bad thing)

Just in case you still get a “can’t find update” … then do method 3 of the F.A.Q.

You can also boot into the recovery first and then connect the phone to your PC.
Then a recovery partition will appear, where you can put the update file onto.

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It’s working, yeah!!!
But I did the same thing I did before (with option 2). But I downloaded the file from Meizufans again. So maybe the old was uncomplete or something like this.
Thank you!!! And know I even know how to make screenshots! :D

EDIT: Ok, that’s weird. Now I see the Flmye Symbol (when you start your phone) and it diesnt go to the menu. Or did it still need some time to load all files. The symbol is turning and turning, but it doesnt go further!

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@ano20xx great :)

It’s important to clear data, please select it. (Just this time)

Don’t worry I did. I just finished the setup. Thanks for your help!
Maybe it would be useful for future new Meizu phone owner to mention in the FAQ that option 1 isn’t always possible because of the installed firmware from the seller.
And maybe a note that before asking in the forum, you should always redownloading the firmware. And try the FAQ again.

Me as a newbie was very confused that option 1 wasn’t possible. First I thought that this FAQ isn’t right for my phone.

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Thanks for your feedback.

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