Stuck on language page after factory reset !!!!

Hi ,
I made a factory reset and then when the phone restarted , I selected the language but the next button at e bottom does not work.

I tried the hard reset . On the recovery page , the Restart and Start button dont work, but at least on recovery page volume buttons work for scrolling and home button for selecting . So I reinstalled the last two firmware and selected the clear data option many times . But I still cant pass the language page.

I am sure it is not hardware , digitizer works.
My phone is international version. I never rooted or done anything like that, just out of curiosity I made a factory reset and my phone is a brick now.
Can anyone help me ?


@Ozan-Yusuf-Kaya I think you just have the cursor bug.

Hit the button like crazy… or try an update + clear data. And your phone is not a brick. Just read the F.A.Q. and update + clear data from the Recovery.

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