meizu m2 marshmallow?

hey guys. Just purchased a meizu m2! Just wondering if we will ever see marshmallow? And if so, what possible date? Thanks!


@andyceed One day maybe!

And there is no news from Meizu about it. But it an update to Android M, before the summer 2016 is very unlikely.


Wow, thanks for the very fast reply! This phone is amazing for the money! I’m only on my second charge. So not too sure on the battery life… I think I may be having wakelock (sp?) issues because it’s on lollipop. Hence my question about marshmallow. Thanks for you input! :D


@andyceed Usually I have about 5 hours of on screen time on my MX5.

Yesterday I upgraded to the global closed beta and my battery life is completely crap now. I get 1 hour of on screen time… maximum 2 hours.

I have no f***ing idea what Meizu does. And truly hope we all see Android M soon ;)


Ah. I almost went for that device. I’m using this as a stop-gap as my z3c was dying. I’m probably gonna grab a pro5 or wait for a pro5 mini ;)

Or just hang on for the mx6. I like meizu. They’re a really great, and quite often underrated brand :)


@andyceed uh I am looking forward to the pro 5 mini too.

Yeah it is, usually the SoT is 4 hours or more… and I am happy with that.

So, is this forum official, or, close to official? As I flashed a stock international rom from here. Works great so far. I was having a few problems with typing some certain letters in the play store such as “W” but now the store is updated to the latest version it’s all good!


@andyceed There is no official meizu forum. Or to say it better, there is one, if you speak Chinese.

Ah… Well, I only speak English. So that’s Me out! :D

@andyceed yea it seems meizu phone have alooot of wakelocks, im no expert, so cant tell you their use. however you can try amplify for xposed framework to see if it fixes the issue

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