To Global Firmware ?

Hi all
i recovered my phone with A .
I’d like to upgrade to but I don’t know if I can use A or G ?
What’s exactly the difference and how to do ? Just flash the update A or G from ?

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Meizu MX5


If your phone is chinese one, you need to change ID to international (there is topic about that on forum) than flash G version (G is new I version)

OK …I’m going to try A before

@zorax if you don’t have problem with English language stick to A…


@zorax The global firmware is a Chinese firmware to 100% in terms of bug fixes.

And now comes the bad news:
All Meizu did for the Global firmware was take the Chinese firmware and remove Flyme Apps.

And this sucks, this is really bad.
To say it simple: FlymeOS is build around Flyme Apps and the Flyme Account.

As long as you speak English, you are better off with the public Chinese firmware “A”.

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Thx all
There are all languages on A.
I suppose it’s the same on A ?


@zorax Meizu kicked it out on purpose. So that people are forced to buy the a bit more expensive global devices.

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