Contacts Sync

I deleted cache & data from “Contact Storage” (because of some contact issues in Whatsapp) then it Resynced, but Whatsapp did not show Names. I rebooted the phone, and all contacts were gone. I tried to resync, but the contacts do not resync (it is resyncing but doe snot download any contacts). Tried to clear contact storage again and rebooted the phone, even removed and added google Account, and still the contacts do not get downloaded form Google (but they are on Google I just checked it).
Please let me know if there is any way to force the resync of contacts without clearing Flyme Data and Cache and setting up all my apps again.
P.S. Manually downloading contacts and importing them is not an option, as I tried that and it has problems later on with sync to Google.

I have the same issue on a Meizu MX5 with a fresh Flyme beta, it was working perfectly before the factory reset but now it’s not showing any contacts even all workarounds tried.

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