Root disappeared Flyme 5 BETA

Hello !

I was under FlyMe 4.5.7A then I moved to the Beta keeping my data and settings.

I do not know if you noticed but I did some test: if you have not before Mx4 rooter in 4.5.7A and preserve settings when switching to root BETA disappears and it is impossible (well I have not successful) to find , it is not in the security section .

I wanted moved on to other higher BETA version than .

But hop over root it disappeared again keeping the same data! If you have an idea for the rooter otherwise it 'll help me a lot !

Thank you

@jordan33 Have you tried signing in to your Flyme account? The root option will not show unless you are logged in first.

Thank you very much ! Finally I found the root you save my life! :)

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