{I need your help} from CM back to FLYME

Hello guys,
a few weeks back I installed CM 12.1 on my phone and don’t get me wrong I like it a lot, but i forgot to backup my data (notes etc.) from my flyme account so I need to go back. Id also try if the flyme stock apps would work on CM.
Okay lets go to the point, how do i go back to flyme ? Do I simply download latest firmware or which one ? And do I install it the same way in TWRP as I did CM12.1 ?
And somewhere I noticed that if I go back to flyme the root access dissapears back to normal and the bootloader locks back ? Is that true and how do I do that ?

Thank you for your time and your help,

P.S. I think this is alredy posted somewhere but I can’t find it, sorry.

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Never flash stock Flyme with TWRP ! It’ll brick your device !
Download this : http://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0OQimXw1wRsOE8tc2NmMElMUm8/view?usp=sharing and flash via fastboot patched-stock-recovery_mx4
Then, you’ll be able to come back to flyme via this recovery :)

I don’t get it what you are saying to me ?
I download this to my device and then do what ?
And what does this even do ?
And how do I get into fastboot ?
And what is this recovery ?
Does this give me back my meizu/flyme bootloader ?
And you didn’t ansawer my questions above ?

Sorry im new to this.
Thank you.

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