Meizu Dead and Bricked


Trying to install a new firmware to make the change from Flymeos to CM12 and while done that the phone completely shut off and now it won’t start, when i try to connect to pc, the pc makes 3 sounds, and it doesn’t recognize the phone, there’s nothing i can do, can someone help me please? I’m desperated :disappointed:

@JayP86 What tutorial did you follow to flash cm12 on your m2 note ? i’ve never heard about that.

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Can someone help me? Don’t know exactly what to do :(


If the device no longer reacts to the power button, when the device is unrepairable hard bricked.

@JayP86 You have a M2 Note and you followed a tutorial for MX4… I have to say : LOL, I cannot do anything to help, i’m sorry.


To state the obvious: Learning by doing is the best way to learn.

For all the others out there: Meizu phones have a locked boot-loader. Do not flash a Custom ROM!
(Unless you successfully unlocked the boot-loader.)

You have to get your mainboard replaced, in case your phone does absolutely nothing.

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