Flyme OS test firmware (MX4)


  • Search Legend: Pinyin state, for the search box on the Lenovo support input screen instantly.
  • Skin: Increase dark skin switch.
  • Symbol: “Common” symbol keyboard to sign recently used.
  • Wink: Optimizing emoji expression form.


  • Optimization: The system upgrade, music, calculators and other system applications to increase support for Talkback’s.
  • Fix: Under Talkback can not enter the password problem, support reading password.

System Upgrade

  • Optimization: Modify silently download logic, immediately notify the download is complete.
  • Optimization: download failure notification after adjustment reminder style.


  • Optimization: Optimization “Add to Contacts” page visual effects.

Audio frequency

  • Fix: Open the equalizer, when using headphones to listen to music to the phone, hang up the phone there sonic boom.
  • Open QQ handsfree voice or video, you can not press the volume keys to adjust the volume of QQ voice or video: Repair.


  • Optimization lyrics display, filter out the space under each style.
  • FIX: lock screen background music song will not be switched with the song, the music show and playing a song does not comply.


  • Fix: Even now Wi-Fi connection failure problem.



Hello, it is impossible for me to update from 4.5.6 I to
Please, somebody to help???

Where is the root acces ? he disappeared please help me !

Go to Settings - Security - Root permission

in the FINAL FLYME OS 5 will be International version???

Keyboard problem. The Shift (or CapsLock) button problem!

@Rey i hope the updating of the upcoming GLOBAL version will be done with directly aplying and not doing ALL this guide :
i want GREEK version…

or make a simple way of upgrading A version to I version

@Rey said:

@gvekiaris there definitely won’t.
And that only because of Meizu Italy.

sorry i can not understand

This last firmware is amazing: it keeps the smoothness from the previous version but the battery life has very much improved!

@CoolZone said:

This last firmware is amazing: it keeps the smoothness from the previous version but the battery life has very much improved!

i hope to have SOON the final STABLE version of flyme 5 with INTERNATIONAL (GLOBAL) support

in my previous smartphone (ZTE V967S) i used GREENIFY and it was so good in battery consumption … is it worth to use it on Meizu smartphones?

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Meizu MX4

When I use browser chrome before upgrade I have back button on screen , now when I press home button back me
on previous page and don’t send me on home page, how can be fix that?

i cant even flash this one to my device, it shows me that Firmware is Corrupt… downloaded few times just to check, still corrputed, so downloaded latest stable 4.x.x and will wait for 5.x.x stable…

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