Flyme OS test firmware (m1 note)


  • Search Legend: Pinyin state, for the search box on the Lenovo support input screen instantly.
  • Skin: Increase dark skin switch.
  • Symbol: “Common” symbol keyboard to sign recently used.
  • Wink: Optimizing emoji expression form.


  • Optimization: The system upgrade, music, calculators and other system applications to increase support for Talkback’s.
  • Fix: Under Talkback can not enter the password problem, support reading password.

System Upgrade

  • Optimization: Modify silently download logic, immediately notify the download is complete.
  • Optimization: download failure notification after adjustment reminder style.

Audio frequency

  • Fix: Open the equalizer, when using headphones to listen to music to the phone, hang up the phone there sonic boom.
  • Open QQ handsfree voice or video, you can not press the volume keys to adjust the volume of QQ voice or video: Repair.


  • Optimization: Optimization “Add to Contacts” page visual effects.


  • Fix: Even now Wi-Fi connection failure problem.

Mobile butler

  • Security Privacy: Enhanced Security Privacy Rights Management.
  • Fix: Mobile Acceleration will end third-party default desktop.
  • Fix: some Google services plug-in icon is displayed as blank.

Install external applications

  • Safety Monitoring: Increased risk warning and official test for external application installation.

Set up

  • New: Security - Device Management and credentials, increase “unofficial channels to install the application” risk warning switch.


  • Optimization lyrics display, filter out the space under each style.
  • FIX: lock screen background music song will not be switched with the song, the music show and playing a song does not comply.



Running fine since yesterday.
No problems with notifications or applications.
Even stock browser runs a bit better.

I’m wondering when they fix the keyboard, symbol part is full Chinese.

Is the latency for the notification problem gone?


@joevik you can fix it by whitelisting apps in the Security Center>Accelerator>Settings icon>Whitelist.

Alternatively you can disable (not delete!) the Security Center.

@Rey. Whatsapp for me is already in the whitelist but i still get late notifications.

Will i need to root to disable security centre?

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Thanks mate! I did that already but it didnt change anything.

Also i noticed that since i upgraded to Flyme 5, i have late notifications even when on data which was not the case when i was on Flyme 4.5


@joevik actually you are not alone with it.
Lets hope that the developers fix it - or maybe never.

Such a shame. but i dont regret owning an M1 note. Great phone!

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hi, im having issue with play store. i cannot download and install apps from play store, it says error retrieving information from server {RPC:S-7:AEC-0 PZNP-RIK2-5LY5G} dont know what it even means… looking for some help and advice… :(

Notifications aren’t working properly but it’s not a problem for me. Actually twitter app is problem for me. Because when I opened, it’s closing directly and I couldn’t find a way to fix it. Any idea?

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