Problem with chinesse version Meizu Mx5 M575


I just bougth my Meizu Mx5 (via Allieexpress) version MX5 M575. I had international software so far - (google play etc) and polish language.
Then I wanted to upgrade new International firmawe and I could not - firmware corrupt. No possible. So I Installed version “A” and this is not for me. Too many chinesse.
Is there any option to get back to my with previosu instalation of international languages.
Or better option - how to instal new firmware (International).
Is it possible?

I have backup of the phone via Flyme Account but it not works. I can’t even get my previous firmware and settings

Sorry I could not find the answer and a I anm completely lost and depressed. Need help.
Thanks in advance for the answer or just give me a link where I can get any help.

Cause you have a Chinese version you cannot just install G version.
You have to root A version and then follow the guide with changing I’d so you can have Global version.
You’ll find it here if you search.

I found this and its works fine

Do you know if this method is valid for new firmware 5.1.2.
I used method no. 2


@yorky maybe it would be better to use method 1 cause you would had also ota update… But it’s ok also with your method… But if you want to update in the future you will have to follow the same procedure again or then use method one which is much faster

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