calibrate problem..

I have problem. I have meizu about 4 days. I have flyme os sometimes happens, that screen rotation not work… So I went into the settings and for developer and I testing proximity sensor calibration and calibrate acceleration snsor and gyroscop. but it worked and after a few tests. You think that it is phone?I can go back phone back I have 14 day deadline. It is firmware or phone? Thanks. I am sorry for my English. :) thanks


@jurecek you may try to calibrate it from the mtk engineering mode.


But, if it never worked, it’s likely to be a hardware related issue.

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My cell phone lying on a table.

And you have a successful test? You work it?


@jurecek I don’t know.

You could update + clear data and see if that helps but if it doesn’t solve itself… soon I would change it back.

Where did you get your phone from?

Maybe some one else knows more, let’s hope that person responds here too.

OK I’ll reset . I bought mobile in czech republic.
He came up to me the phone and I realized that it someone used. There was a call from Texas. And foreign google account… I had fear a I still have. It is new but someone it used. meizu is not damaged

@jurecek come on my friend…
You bought a new phone you saw a call and you didn’t took it back to the store…
Sorry but this is stupid…
Only when we buy from China we let them open the device and install google play store etc.

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