App center error

I installed version for my device, and when i opened App Center, and i want to download anything, i get this message: Download failed: app downloading interface signature error.
So, I can’t download for example Google Installer.

What is the problem?


I would try to change the time zone to Hong Kong.

never had this issue btw… so I am just guessing. Trial and Error, is the way to go :)

Btw… you may also download the google-installer from our forum. Please read the F.A.Q, link is in my signature.

Dont solved the problem.
If i download google installer from here, i can get a same error message in the app :\


@balalev Did you try to download it via mobile network?

yeah, tried. dont work

oh very good, now i dont work my touch button. the push button function is working yet…

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