Boot problem - stop when booting

Guys. I root my mx4 pro, then i installed a twrp. and i installed an OmniROM, before that i did a factory reset. It booted, but then applications stopped all that time. then i installed MOKEE’s rom. And my phone don’t do anything. I can see the Meizu logo, but i can’t do anything.
and thats all

what can i do for it?

thank you


@balalev strange. OmniROM should work flawlessly.

You maybe want to try to boot into the TWRP recovery again, by pressing Volume Up + Power at the bootup (hit Volume Up several times).

@Rey Yeah, I know. I push the buttons, but nothing happens :(


@balalev are you holding power for 8 seconds? So it force reboots?

If not, try that and then press the button combo I told you.

Otherwise try simply Volume Up + Power, without hitting Volume Up several times.

Yeah, i did that.
The Flyme menu is here right now. But i can’t do System upgrade, because "Firmware is corrupt"
What can I do? :’(


@balalev connect the phone over USB and grab the latest firmware for your device (no matter if stable or test). Then pull it into the phone and unplug it from your PC. Tick “Clear Data” and then start the upgrade.

now i will do that.
Other question: I live in Hungary. And I used beta rooms. But i don’t get my SMSes. So thats why i want to root my device. What is the problem, why don’t i get smses? I tried to install international roms, but all were corrupt


@balalev first of all. You got a chinese device and therefore can not flash I (international) roms.

The reason why you weren’t receiving SMS’s can have several sources. Either you are running Flyme 5 (yep, I also got problems there) or you did not configured the SMS center in the SMS app.

Thank you.
Now, I connect my phone to my PC, and i have a new drive: Recovery. Its okay? copy the here?


@balalev yes.

naming is important, it has to be

Thank you! It’s working, i installed
I have a problem. When i want to download Google installer, i get this message: Download failed: App downloading interface… What is the problem?
My other question is, are there anywhere an other OmniROM release? I just find 2015.12.31. release, and its dont work to me very well. I have nfc issues, and then very much issues.

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