Install Android Lollipop instead of FlyMe OS?


I’m not very satisfied with the FlyMe OS (current version 4.5.4I), is there any option to install regular android Lollipop ROM instead of the FlyME OS on the Meizu M2 device?

Also, I understand there are newer FlyMe OS, version 5, but it is not available yet for Meizu M2, does anyone know when the newer version will be available for the Meizu M2 device?

Thanks in advance!


@amird Hello.

Please be aware that before you are able to flash anything. You have to unlock the bootloader.

You are a bit lucky, as there is a way to unlock the Meizu M2.
So if you want to flash LP, you may do so. There exists one Rom right now.

Do a research and do it proper, take a lot of time for it and grab a cup of coffee. Because if you make a mistake, just a small one, your phone is to 100% a brick. And you have to buy a new mainboard.

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