my handset meizu m2 is password lock how to unlock plz help

my handset meizu m2 is password lock how to unlock plz help

You can reset it via recovery menu. While phone is off, press and hold power + volume up buttons till Meizu logo appears. Then check clear data but uncheck System Upgrade. This will delete your apps and data but not your pictures songs etc.

Hi, I also have the same problem, but i also can’t enter into recovery mode. Any suggestion on how to unlock our phones? Meizu replied that they cannot help because the phone might have been stolen so they cannot help us or just contact the supplier who sold us the phones. Is it possible to just reflash Stock ROM on it to clear all data? If so, how? please help us…

@mikejaytdc Ways to flash the ROM are described in FAQ, link is up-left on the QA subcathegory page.
Btw, to enter Recovery (if seller did not mess up something): Shut the phone off, then press Volume Up and Power button together until the Meizu logo shows up, then leave Power button but keep pressing Volume up.
Once in Recovery, connect the phone by USB to PC, you should see USB Recovery partition of about 900 MB. Copy onto the file with the corresponding ROM (read the FAQ, pay attention do you have A, O or I stock ROM, you can always go up and down in eg A versions but this OTA way you cannot cross from A to I).
Check both Clear Data and System Upgrade and proceed, upgrading and rebooting may take several minutes, be patient until it boots into flyme.
There is also a more complicated and unofficial procedure to switch from A or O to international I version, consult the FAQ

@zgfg No, i think the recovery has been fiddled with. I can connect it to the PC but it always disconnects after connecting and i can’t boot it to SP tools for flashing. Can anyone here teach me on how to do the right procedure?


As said. You need to contact Meizu’s Customer support to resolve the issue as there is not bypass and we will not support one, even if it would exist.

Don’t get me wrong, but imagine the case that the device was stolen.

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