Lock Apps by fingerprint...

I would like to lock certain apps with my fingerprint. But i dont want to use a Pattern/Fingerprint Lock for my Home Screen.
So everybody should be able to unlock my phone, but only I should be able to open important apps.

When I activate App Lock i can only unlock them with a Pin. When Patern Lock is activated unlocking apps works fine with fingerprint. But i dont wanna use both…

I give it a try :)

EDIT: Found a workaround by accident. Enable your Pin/Fingerprint Unlock, install tasker and secure settings, with secure settings disable the “password/pin unlock”.

Now in Settings “Use fingerprint for unlock” is still active while “Screen password” is deactivated…

I can unlock my phone without fingerprint/code, but still can use Fingerprint and Code to unlock certain apps :)

(I set my Phone to Germany, so I´m maybe using the wrong English Phrases ;))

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could you explain a little bit more? you mean “install tasker” and “install security settings”, two different apps right?

Tasker is an App for autmation. You can tell the Phone to do different actions when a certain event happens. With Tasker you can use “Secure Settings”. With “Secure Settings” you can tell tasker to do pretty cool things. (for example “disable certain app”, “edit the methode of locking the screen”, “font size”, “input methode” etc.)

So you need Tasker, Secure Settings (yes 2 apps) and Root.

Enable FIngerprint unlock and Applock on your device. Open Tasker and create a new task. In the first command write “secure settings”, click on it and then tap on the edit icon in the upper left corner. Now tasker switches to secure settings and you can pick your command. Go to root, patternlock. It should say “Current State: Disabled”. Check the Box “OFF”. Then click the Save Icon.

Once back in Tasker you have a play button in the lower left corner. Press it and Tasker will test your task. Now Secure Settings removed the Pattern Lock from your device. But Applock is still enabled and you can use ur fingerprints to grant access.

PS: sry for the late answer

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