Pro 5 Proximity Sensor - Calibration Failed!

I’m a new owner of a Pro 5. My current version of Flyme OS is
When I answer to an incoming call or when I make a call the screen gets black. I thought that something goes wrong with the proximity sensor, so I tried to calibrate the proximity sensor. Unfornately, when I try to make the calibration there is the error “Calibration failed. Please try again!”.
Can anyone inform how I can resolve this problem?
Thank you in advance.


@alko101 thats not a bug. Actually this is definitely how it should be (unless the phone call crashs). Usually the gyroscope in the phone will recorgnize the angle and then turns the screen off, if it thinks that you are holding your phone right next to your ear.

I found out that it is a problem, because every time I answer to a phone call or if I make a phone call (even if the phone is NOT near my ear) the screen gets black and I can see nothing. To terminate the call I have to push the power button.

The problem solved by updating to the latest INTERNATIONAL firmware!

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