Flyme G, widget does not reloading?
Meizu MX5

Does anyone knows why widget does not reloading on Flyme 5 G stable? When phone goes to deep sleep, everything stops, but when phone wake up, widget (for example weather and clock widget from Play store) does not load again…

@Pyntux well add it to “keep apps during idle”. Under security - power - app management.

Meizu MX5


So, app wich I need to be loaded always, need to be “kept when idle” in App management, turned on (green slider) for that app? In my settings there is 13 apps “kept when idle” and that weather/clock app is there…

Or I need to turn of (green slider to off) for that app? I do not understand well that section of Security app…

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@Pyntux turn on google play services and google framework and see if it’s working for the widgets


@Pyntux have the same problem.

Though I had em on the accelorator whitelist thing. It seems like deep sleep kills all applications without reviving them ever.

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@Pyntux have the same issue here on “A” version and the method I fixed it on “A” version is to go to Security --> Power and put slider to “ON” on an app you do not wish to be killed during idle, next step go to Security again and choose Permissions --> AutoRun management and then also put slider to “ON” for the apps or widgets that you want to be run automatically. Done.

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Meizu MX5


So, to alow app to autostart and be in memory…I will try that! Thanks!

Hi :)

I havke last test version of Flyme 5. but i have the sam problem. My accuwather widget didint reloading . What to do? I turn it ON on idle but there is same problem. :(

Same here. Not only widegets freezes but also Hangout and email app. All allowed, autostart, run background et… it is a little frustrating.


@John5mith and @plutus Please post your settings and the apps + version you are using. (And your settings)

If you do so, I can report it. And then we may hope that Meizu will fix it.

I activate DND and supersave mode automatically at midnight and exit at 7am. Widgets stop working at 00:00 and are not awaken at 7
The widgets (Timely and UCCW) are among the active apps in stand-by & the auto-start whitelist

any other information?


@plutus Nope thanks.

But it could be that it’s just related to the supersave mode

Maybe…I’ve disabled supersave mode, I’ll see tomorrow morning how it works.

Anyway, supersave is quite useful at night, almost no battery drain

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Widgets are fine now…but the phone doesn’t get out of the no data mode!

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