Meizu m2 freezes

My Meizu M2 (M578) freezes occasionally. I tried factory reset but problem is not solved. Firmware is Flyme os which came with phone. I don’t know what is causeing this problem, but once i get message “Flyme OS is not responding”. I try to root phone by createing Flyme account to freez some chinesse app , but confirmation e-mail from Meizu won’t pass. However in Flyme Accoutn settings System privileges are open by default but Root Check app says that device is no rooted.
Any suggestions, please?

Has passed update flyme


@tomeuglj try to update + clear data.

If you still have the problem after that. Tell us the temperature of the phone.

Sorry for waiting, I just came from work. Ok, at 6:30 am I unplugged it from charger and at 10:30 am phone freezes. . It freezes only when you don’t work on it (when a screen is off) and battery temp is 20°C. In Du Battery Saver app sometimes there is message about app high draine and when i click “Fix it” it stops 15 chinesse app.
Now while I am writeing this phone is stuck again and geting message “Flyme Home screen isn’t responding. do you want to close it?” Before it stuck Du Battery Saver.
Why not go for Flyme instead


@tomeuglj Where did you buy your phone from?

I would suggest you to update + clear data. It looks like you got bloatware on your phone. But I am not sure of it, yet.

Ok, so should I install or


@tomeuglj maybe.

Please answer all asked questions.
Where did you buy the phone from? And did you ever upgrade with clear data?

I buy it from local seller 12 days ago, and have never upgrade it . Only thin I do was factory reset yesterday.


@tomeuglj Okay, yes try a update + clear data.

It will clear your apps.

@Ultrametric Ok just so should I install or


@tomeuglj I don’t know the difference, didn’t read up on it :P can’t tell you.

@Ultrametric Ok i will install and see how it turns to be. In few days will pose resaults.

@Ultrametric I installated Flyme and everything is working flowlesly. So yes, the problem was in chinesse bloatware. Because of these apps I couldn’t copy Flyme zip file from my PC, so I used micro sd card of 8GB to transfer it from PC to Phone. Anyway now Phone is working ok, thanks for help and topic can be closed.

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