What version of Meizu pro 5
Meizu Pro 5

I have my new Meizu pro 5 64gb for about 2weeks now. I like it more and more every day.

I been googling to find out what version of the phone i have. I or A. But so far i have no luck .
How to determine a version of the phone is for me very important info so i find it very vierd that i can not find this . I have the M576 bought from aliexpress. It did not come with Flyme 5 but
I want to update to flyme 5, need help with that too.

any help please?



Hello, please read the F.A.Q. on our Forum.

And as you have a Chinese phone, you are pretty stuck to the public Chinese firmware “A”.

You may force the “I”-International, what’s now called “G” for Global on your phone, by using the following guide.
Link: https://meizufans.eu/forum/topic/2599/guide-how-to-install-i-international-firmware-on-your-chinese-mainland-meizu

Meizu Pro 5

Go : Settings------About phone-------You will see last (Bottom) page abaout Deatail of your phone
Build number : like mine is Flyme OS A mean China version
I or G mean International or Globla version


@sutiknya no, that’s just wrong. That’s the version of FlymeOS.

The phone version is defined by the model code + serial number!

A global Pro 5 has model code: m576H
and a Serial Number that starts with: 85H…

everything else is a chinese Meizu!

All of this has nothing to do with “about the phone and firmware information!”

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