I am Not able to run Any laucher on my Meizu M2 Flyme OS 4.5.3I other than the default launcher

Anybody Who Have gone through the same problem ?! I am Here with a launcher problem …
I have tried Almost five launcher but they are not working on Meizu M2 International version having Flyme OS 4.5.3I
If any one can help Please Do reply …
Thank You In Advance … :)

I have APEX launcher with samsung S6 theme and it is working perfectly.
My system 4.5.4I


@spykar9639 did you try the nova launcher?

No. I tried only APEX, but currently I don’t use it.

What happens when you try to use them? Give detailed information please.

@Ertugrul-Kahraman as I start the launcher application …they starts for a moment of second and then they stop !

@Ultrametric Yes I tried Nova Launcher ! and the same problem persists…! only 3 launcher out of 10 are working !
launchers that are working with My Meizu are GO Launcher Z , Hola Launcher (full of viruses) , Solo Launcher !

Try this guide for google launcher… Perhaps it will work ( ignore that its says flyme 3 because its work on 4 aswell)

Well…Thank Everyone For There Kind Support…! All The Launchers Are Working Now …! As I updated My Flyme OS 4.5.3I to 4.5.4I …They All Started Working ! Once Again Thanks To everyone…! :)

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