Get root access on Global Firmware

All you have to do is, install the UserCenter.

I extracted the following apps from FlymeOS Test, using Titanium Backup.

Apps and Versions:

  • AppStore 5.0.16
  • Browser 3.2.0401
  • Themes 5.0.4
  • UserCenter 5.0.6

Link: Chinese Stock Flyme Apps

These files are on my private google drive. You may install these on YOUR OWN RISK.

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Can I ask maybe a silly question…
If I install G with first way then I will have ota updates to my mx5.
When I"ll want to update a firmware without ota I just download it and then press install or I have to do something else again?
Cause if i just install it so simple there is no reason to keep the A version.


@Dartaholics if you used Methode one from @Abaggie 's guide. You can install the G Firmware from the recovery / updater app. (+clear data)

And if you do so, you get OTA updates on your G firmware.

( as long your phone isn’t rooted)

@Ultrametric I haven’t done anything yet…
I’m just thinking of going from A to G…
Although I’ve use titanium and I have freeze all unwanted Chinese apps i think is better to have official Global with google play preinstalled as system app and without all these Chinese bloatware.
Of course i will download center afterwards so I can have root access again.
Are you satisfied of going to G from A…?


@Dartaholics there is no Chinese bloatware! Most Apps are Flyme system Apps!

I’m not satisfied. A lot of important Apps were removed, like the Flyme account. And most languages are poorly translated.

But you can install the Flyme apps, yourself.

So it’s just a Chinese firmware with Google play store in the end :)

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@Ultrametric this can be used on flyme right??


@arun-singh Yes. And it works there, tried em out.

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Meizu MX5

Downloaded and got root but when I try installing adaway
Root does not work
Tried Downloading su and busy box
Won’t work

@Ultrametric hey thx a lot man. btw, can u please tell me how to sync the contacts since I just upgraded from to 5.1.3G, and some of my contacts were deleted. I did sync it to flyme before I upgraded, but I just can’t find the way to sync it in the usercenter. is there a way to sync it? thx :)

edited: I just found out that the data sync option is not on my phone… Is there a way for it to appear? I really need to sync it once… that’s it. thx a lot sir :)

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@taigila it’s gone, G had it. After installing the User Center, if I remember it right.

@Ultrametric said:

All you have to do is, install the UserCenter.

How do i unroot tho? I’m pretty sure just deleting the UserCenter won’t do the trick.

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hello, i did actually installed the newest global firmware and the UserCenter was already on the phone, i can login to it but where normaly on “mzaccount-app” would have dot for settings, the UserCenter have instead there a dot for the scanner. wich means i cant get root premission somehow… did i unread here somethink or can help please?

Meizu MX5

Outdated, usercenter apk not gaining root access.

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