Wifi problems

Hi, I have very big problem with Wifi… I am connect to my home wifi (which works fine with all other devices…). Several times an hour happens to me that internet stops working and I have to turn off wifi and turn on again. But phone still looks as connected to wifi…

Does anybody has same problem?


@jaboos why don’t you try to update to the newer 5 versions with clear data ?

@Dartaholics Coz I have mobile bought via TCCM… And I am not able to upgrade from I to A…

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@jaboos You may use the guide to transform your TCCM phone into an International phone. do it on your own risk.

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@Ultrametric I tried it, without sucess :-/


@jaboos try again. But read it very carefully and do not rush over steps (even if it is very frustrating).

Can you maybe describe where you’re stuck?

@Rey I was trying 3 times :-/

“3. (Download and) Launch an Android Shell Terminal Emulator and type the following commands
now wait until the $ sign changes in to # (it should change). …”

$ didnt change into #… I wait about 5 minutes…


@jaboos then you have no root access.

Update + clear data if you can’t fix it.

@Ultrametric But it looks like I have root. Or not?


Doesn’t matter.

Try an app from the store, there are loads to check if your phone is rooted or not.

To put it simple: If it’s rooted, you get root access.

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@Ultrametric Root checker shows, that I have root access… I will try clear data.

Problem was in Shell terminal emulator. I download Terminal emulator for Android and it works :-)

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