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[HOW-TO][ROOT] Get Multilanguage in Flyme 5 "A" Firmware


IMPORTANT 1 : It should work for the majority of phones/firmwares but you should better USE MATCHING VERSION NUMBER SYSTEMS:
For instance a [Phone running] and the [ firmware file] .

IMPORTANT 2 : You need a rooted phone !

IMPORTANT 3 : Make sure to always have an on your phone in case of something goes wrong !

NOTE : I 've successfully tested this with :
-My Meizu Pro 5 running flyme (A) beta firmware
-The flyme firmware file.

1- Download the 5.X.X.XG firmware on a computer
2- Extract and system.transfer.list from the using 7zip.
3- Use this tool > SystemExtraktor < to extract all system files and get needed apk files.

Needed apk files :
– “framework-res.apk” for the languages list
– “systemui.apk” for the statusbar and lockscreen translation
–“settings.apk” for the settings menu translation

***1- ! Make sure to have an on your phone in case of something goes wrong !
2- Copy extracted apk files to your phone.
3- Copy and paste/replace each apk file in the right location using a root explorer ( i used SolidExplorer). !!! Do not forget to check the permisions !!!
Note: The phone should crash when replacing files but it should not be dangerous.

The files locations are :
-“framework-res.apk” > /system/framework/
-“systemui.apk” > /system/priv-app/SystemUI/
-“settings.apk” > /system/priv-app/Settings/

1- Reboot your phone.
2- Choose your language in " Settings > Language & input > Language ".
3- Voilà > Enjoy your localized interface.

PS: Some other apk files that are not translated can be replaced the same way i think.

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Thanks for posting it, in this section too.

You mention settings apk. Does that mean somebody could make a stocked Android themed one?

@izi_lau “PS: Some other apk files that are not translated can be replaced the same way i think.” Does that mean we can have a certain Chinese app (Flyme Tools) in English???

Hi @ShadowOfDeth

If you are good at modding apks you can do what you want like theme it.

“Flyme tools” is not a system apk as far as i know, so, if it is not in english, it is because its developper did not include english/french/spanish… in the apk and i dont think there is other apk of this app that contained english/french/spanish…

@izi_lau Aw man that sucks. Oh well. I don’t suppose you’d be any good at modding the settings apk and theming it would ya? Not sure what the rules are here about what I’m about to say but, if yes I could pass you some beer money…

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@ShadowOfDeth Sorry, i’m not good at apk modding.

@izi_lau Hello, I´m a reel newbie at this stuff. So sorry for questioning again and again.

First thank you for ur work here…u all are a big help :+1:

But I have a problem using this guide to install multilanguage on an “A” version. My problem is at:
Step1 point 2 and 3…

I can download the last firmware of course and unzip the and get the needed etc. But how could I get the apk? From where can I get the SystemExtraktor? How should I create the apk?

Sorry for my english…I´m from germany and have tried my best.

I really apologize ur help.


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@Urumbel I’m so sorry i forgot the link to SystemExtractor… there it is : SystemExtraktor

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@izi_lau No problem… thank u, will try my best later :smile:


Excellent guide! Many will like it. Gonna link this in our F.A.Q. the next time I edit it.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@Rey yes I was crying about meizus good idea to remove all language on a Firmware (and I use an A firmware…) but thankfully on this forum are already some tutorials how to solve the Problem :) one question, if I reflash/update Firmware do we everytime have to replace those files or is it permanent? and do we still get ota updates with this modification ?

@mx4pro you will have to do that after every update.

Can i use this method for adding multilanguage support for Flyme OS test firmware (MX4) ???

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