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Hi just got my m2 note yesterday from gearbest with firmware 4.5.4.a now i think this is the chinese version which doesnt bother me but the rom has been altered by the shop or somebody,my problem is i have downloaded the official rom off here then i go to documents click on it but nothing happens just says extract or view no upgrade option.i have put the file in other locations on my phone but same thing what am i doing wrong please any help…


@paul-gibson Hello!

Please read the F.A.Q. link in my signature. You can update from the Recovery mode: Volume UP + Power.

And I suggest you to transform your phone into the “global one”. Read Method 1 of the following link.

I am confident that Gearbest fucked up your phone! So best is in my opinion.

  • update + clear data to a public Chinese firmware “A”
  • use Method 1 of the guide
  • install whatever firmware you want (clear data, when you upgrade)
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wow thanks for the fast reply but i have tried to update from recovery mode but nothing happens says cant find update…


@paul-gibson it’s very important that you name the update:

and it has to be exactly

Also you have to place it into the root directory of your phone! Read the F.A.Q.

hi i read the faq and renamed and downloaded as but no luck…


@paul-gibson in what folder do you have it, please upload a screenshot.

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