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so I just got my Meizu PRO 5 after waiting 1 month for it to finally arrive. I’ve had the MX4 before, and somehow I don’t really like the display of the PRO 5 right now.

1.) The Display has some issues displaying certain images and I’ll attach a screenshot of it. I have no idea if it is just my unit, hence I got on this forum.
2.) Red color reproduction doesnt seem accurate at all, red looks a bit orange and very washed out. Is there any way to change this? Also other colors appear to be washed out too, when comparing them to my MX4, which I still got. I will also attach a screenshot of YouTube, which looks totally fine here on my LG Monitor (a really good one), but has the mentioned issued on the PRO 5.
3.) Automatic Brightness set to maximum isn’t bright enought, always need to do it manually.

Now number 1 & 2 really concern me, because I thought the colors on the PRO 5 were vibrant just like on the Samsung AMOLED displays nowadays. I am running the latest flyme beta, and I also tried the latest flyme 5 stable version. Right now I really hope this is fixable by software or it’s just my unit. I have the chinese version of the phone if it matters, and I bought it NOT directly through Meizu but from a reseller from Spain on Amazon.

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Edit: Can anyone please make a picture of attachment 1.) on their Meizu PRO 5 and upload it? Thanks :)

Attachment 1.) Pay attention to the upper part of the image, these particles. View on higher brightness. Resized by 50%.


Attachment 2.) View this one on different displays, will appear washed out slighly orange (just very slightly). I used my Monitor, MX4 and the new Samsung tablet for comparison. Resized by 50%.

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@LnxEpique you realise that what you have attached are screenshots. So we cannot actually see what the problems are. You probably need to take a picture at the screen with a camera.
I for one consider the screen decent enough, maybe a little cooler as colors are concerned - more toward the blue/green.
The luminosity is decent but not the highest, never had problems seeing the content outside, but truth to be told, I didn’t have a suuny weather recently.
You can also try setting color temperature from the display settings, that way you can go towerds cooler/warmer colors.

I made another zoomed-in one for you, it’s visible on the screenshot. Also the 2nd. screenshot is just for comparison on different screens, if you view it on the PRO 5 it will appear washed out and not accurate with the red color reproduction.

Screenshot: (This one is now really obvious, look at these green particles! - these arent visible on the MX4)



And regarding brightness, I am talking about the automatic brightness function, which sets too low brightness levels indoors.
And yes, I tried the color temperature settings, but those won’t give me the ability to calibrate the display how I want it :(
Does anyone know if this can be done in an “unofficial” way - changing the display settings more than allowed in the regular settings ?

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@LnxEpique those shades are pretty common on amoled screens, appear when the transition between the grey colors is very subtle. Have you tried with other similar pictures? Also, are you using the default DPI or a custom value.
For auto brightness you can try Lux or Velis auto brightness apps. They are both very good but haven’t tried them on the Pro5.

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@albireox Of course I use default DPI. Also I think it’s not good to use this AMOLED screen if it’s a common problem, otherwise what about the Note 5’s screen?
The issue with washed out colors remains and I already got YAAB, which is better than the apps you mentioned, atleast imo. This could easily be solved by Meizu themselves tho, cuz I’d rather not have another app running in the background 24/7 just because they can’t give us correct brightness levels or atleast more customizability.

Aren’t Samsung AMOLED panels known for their saturated/vibrant colors? Why is this a bit washed out :(

Quote Phonearena: “With the Pro 5, green is very prominent and over-saturated at the expense of seriously subdued red, while yellow is shown as yellow-green. This makes images appear a bit lifeless.” - just read that, pretty much sums up my view about this display…

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@LnxEpique Hi you had me really thinking when you mentioned the colors looked wrong. I have 20 years of experience with graphics design and color reproduction. I was anxious to see the photo you posted on my oneplus one which is running an LCD screen. I was amazed to see how difference there was in the green versus blue. I do agree with the other person when he mentioned amoled screens produce different colors having bad experience with my previous Motorola Droid turbo phone where the colors were over saturated and also the brightness level being very low compared to my oneplus one. With the Meizu I feel the colors are much better than my previous amoled Droid turbo which had a 2k screen that was supposed to be a top end screen. The Meizu produces very detailed images better than my oneplus one on the images that you have uploaded. Although i accept that certain image and certain files the color can be different. However man this is just a phone and that kind of variance you even get on high led and lcd screens. Trust me if it was as bad as you made it sound and don’t go by only a coupon images I would have given the meizu a toss away. I feel that there are more important issues that need to be resolved by Meizu on their firmware. I believe they will rectify most of their issues and even give us an option to adjust color levels and have different color presets that users can also customize. I might sound like I am dreaming but I like thinking positively as the Meizu pro is not so bad compared to a lot of top end and flagship phones out there. Just to finish it off have you ever previewed and photos on an iPhone that have been designed in cmyk man the colors are completely wrong. And this is an apple iPhone. This company is all about color design and leading the graphic design industry. Just my 5 cents. I hope I haven’t upset anyone. Cheers

@ademli That’s why I haven’t been using apple smartphone ever in my whole life. Colors are not good on them. Also really hope that Meizu will allow us to change color levels or some dev comes up with a solution for this, because green levels are no doubt too high. Of course it is not bad! The smartphone itself has great build quality and is really fast, and I also really like Flyme. If only there was less green on the screen ^^…

That’s the thing to decide actually when buying the PRO 5 right now versus the Note 5. Meizu will make the firmware run perfect pretty soon, and I am 100% sure about that and I also love Flyme. On the other hand Samsung’s TouchWiz starts lagging after some time and I don’t enjoy it’s design as much as I do Flyme’s. On top of that, the PRO 5 is 200€ cheaper, which makes the display acceptable right now, if they allow us to change color levels it would be perfect.

I would not switch my PRO 5 for any other Brand, and the only phone that can really compare to it is the Note 5 currently, which also has it’s issues. (And design elements that I dont like, for instance the Glas on the back, which will crack if you drop it accidently and that won’t be cheap to replace)

On the whole the PRO 5 is still the best phone.

Sorry forgot to mention a couple things.
The colors of the meizu are definitely not washed out. They are probably more accurate accurate than a lot of other devices and do provide more realistic colors. Over saturated is not a good thing even though it might look better and the the colors look richer. Which it does 😀

I will give you another comparison. The lick screen default wallpaper of the night stars I exported it again to my oneplus one the color of the sky was purple versus the dark blue realistic image you have on the meizu pro 5. So I would definitely say that the meizu screen is very good but not perfect 😀

I have also had experience on the samsungs note products and can say they are probably have the best screen compared to any phone. And again this is Samsung these guys make the screens in the world and are always a step ahead use only the best. Cheers

@ademli I just noticed it really depends on the viewing angle too. Take it on your desk, sit down and look at it from the side, it will look a bit washed out imo, and if you hold it in your hands and look directly it’s actually okay, even tho I’d like to have more options to set saturation and color levels myself.

To sum up:


  • Brightness is fine, exept that the automatic brightness function sets too low levels.
  • Display is capable of reproducing good colors.
  • Excellent contrast.
  • Color temperature is fine imo.


  • Green levels are too high.
  • Problems displaying shades of gray - view mountain picture for reference.
  • Not straight viewing angles disort the color reproduction rather quickly - even more green …

Generally the PRO 5 is great, superb build quality, excellent speed and OS, reception is very good, even works indoors where others got none, and last but not least the way of controlling the phone with the home button is pretty cool, I love it :P Oh and the speakers are also pretty good, loud and clear with good bass considering these are smartphone speakers and compared to other smartphones.

EDIT: One last thing, am I the only one who thinks this touchscreen feels really smooth? It’s so easy to glide on haha…
Just like the soft aluminum on the back :D

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@LnxEpique Cool. I hope you enjoy and please update us on any suggestions you have in the future because everyones feedback and input of their experience really benefits me and I believe most of us. So thank you for sharing your comments with me. Cheers

@ademli Thank you for participating in this conversation! I hope that Meizu is reading these forums and consider more settings for the display, because that would remove all flaws and make this phone perfect ;)

TLDR for anyone: View display in normal angles and you wont encounter any problems, wait for Meizu to give us a few more settings for color levels, otherwise just buy this phone if you consider buying one. (As mentioned previously, the only contender is the Note 5 right now, which has it’s own problems too, so save your money and get the Meizu I guess) On top of that, I am probably really picky because I am kind of a display fanatic, lol.

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@ShadowOfDeth You probably mean the thing with the screenshots? Those were supposed to be viewed on your own Meizu PRO5…

@LnxEpique “Aren’t Samsung AMOLED panels known for their saturated/vibrant colors? Why is this a bit washed out”

This is indeed a Samsung panel but it’s not the same one they use for their own flagships. Another point I would make is that Sammy use super amoled and this that we have is your regular amoled.

@LnxEpique I do yeah lol My reds are pretty red. Not as vivid as on other top amoled screens but still pretty red. I do agree with you, though. Colours aren’t that amazing.

More than likely it’s something that could easily be fixed in an update.

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