Noreve Meizu MX3 Tradition B leather case - Review

Remember we reviewed the Noreve Meizu MX3 Tradition leather case last month? Well, Noreve also has a second version, the Tradition B, which we are reviewing today. Our particular one has the ‘Ambition Indigo’ finish. Let’s see if this one is as good as the one we previously reviewed!

The unboxing experience is extremely similar to the Tradition case. It comes in the same elegant red with dark gray box featuring the same subtle diamond stich-style print on the red part of the box. Again, you can find ‘Noreve Saint-Tropez’ and the Noreve logo printed on top and the little sticker explaining the product code on the side. Also, the included dustbags are exactly the same. We have nothing to complain about the packaging materials and encourage other manufacturers to use packaging of similar grade!

On the first glance, this case looks excellent in terms of design and quality. The material quality is very good as Noreve uses genuine leather. Like the other Noreve case for the MX3, this one is very heavy as well. Actually, it’s even heavier and it can be a hard task to fit it in your pocket.

Noreve maintains the same minimalistic design on the front. This case folds like a book and has a magnetic clasp to keep it closed. Although it might not look as clunky as the one on the Noreve Tradition case, it actually takes more effort to close this case. The front is padded for extra protection, and it feels nice to the touch as well. Unfortunately, the case does not close as it should. When closed, there’s a serious gap on the down-right corner.

The features on the rear-side are not just limited to a cut-out for the camera module. There’s also a leather stand sown to the back which you can use to watch movies for example. It’s use is limited however, since the clasp covers the screen partly in this model. The cover of this case also kind of obstructs in this mode. A good thing is that it hardly affects the stability of the case while laying flat on the table. The sound from the speaker is also not affected in this position.

Taking a look at the left side of the case, you only find an opening for the backcover release pin. Which is pretty much useless since you can’t remove the backcover with the case attached, of course. You can only access the volume rocker when the case is opened. The power button and 3,5mm jack are accessible at all times. The same goes for the microphone and the USB-port. A welcomed feature since we also want to have our screen protected during charging.

Inserting the phone into the case is fairly easy, while it’s nearly impossible to get it out again. This is a good thing basically, since this means you don’t need to be afraid of your phone falling out of the case. There’re tree pockets which you can use to carry stuff. 2 pockets are exactly the size of a bank card, but the fit is too tight to be comfortable to use. The material is imitation leather and doesn’t feel that nice. I also looks kind of cheap compared to the rest of the case.

So… Is it worth it? Well, it’s not a bad case, but there are some flaws in it which you shouldn’t expect in a phone case costing €59,90. The workmanship and used materials are good, but we’re disappointed by the imitation leather interior. Adding the serious gap on the down-right corner when the case is closed, makes us highly recommending the previously reviewed Noreve Meizu MX3 Tradition leather case over this one. It’s even €5 cheaper in its basic trim.

You can purchase the Noreve Meizu MX3 Tradition B leather case here.

To be honest i find it ugly as hell and seems not that well thought out.
If its really that expensive, i would say not worth the money.

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