Meizu PRO 5 Fingerprint sensor functionality

Hello everyone,

yesterday i have bought a new Meizu PRO 5 64GB Chinese version, it comes in sealed pack, with preinstalled FLYME Everything works great and smooth but i have questions about functionality of the fingerprint sensor.

How should it works ? i have registered two fingers, but when i my put my finger /when the screen is locked,black/ on the senzor nothing happend…
I must press the button deeply /like return to the desktop/ and after a deep press the screen unlocks. Use to unlock screen fukncion is on, password is set. Gesture wakeup funkcion is on.

When the screen is unlocked via double tap or with pressing the ON button, in this situation works the FPS with light tap /like back button/great.
When the screen is unlocked button works great /back light tap, deep press/.

Its this ok ? Does it work for everyone in the same way?

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@Martin-Rolinec Everything seems ok for you… It is the normal button behavior

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