How upgrade or downgrade firmware with not losing current phone setup

How can I update or downgrade firmware without having to reinstall all apps and having to set up up all wallpapers and layout. Is this possible. Because I have been trialing the different firmwares and have to install most of my existing software.

@ademli Hey, man.

It’s always best to clear data when updating firmware especially ESPECIALLY if you were previously rooted. Even going as far as doing a full factory reset after updating is beneficial but for most people but that’s a big inconvenient pain in the backside.

Luckily Flyme has built-in options for you. If you go to settings, about phone then storage you’ll see a nifty backup option. I haven’t used it myself but apparently it saves all your downloads so you can restore from it later.

There’s also an option to save the homescreen layout. For that you need to open settings, go to the flyme account tab and choose the homescreen backup option.

Honestly, though, just take the time to go through a fresh wipe/install.

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