Wifi issue, not serius but it's annoying

I have broadband internet at my home and im using cisco linkys e900 router. I use this wifi on my one desktop, one laptop and 2 android phones. Issue i’m facing is only with the m2 note particularly with my wifi. Problem is such i’m experience slow load speed to start any download or load any image or video but noting part is speed is not slow, i have 2mbps plan and sometimes get download and upload speed even more than that. To understand the problem, scene is such for e.g. on play store if im downloading any app say it’s of 20mb, after accepting terms of permission it takes hell lot of time to start download but again reminding internet speed is not slow when download starts it doesn’t take more than 5-6 seconds to download that 20mb app. Same happens on instagram too images and videos load very late. My other phone moto g works fine in fact any of my friends’ phones does not experience this. Surprisingly the same m2 note works great elsewhere, i haven’t yet experience this issue at any other wifi connection at friends’ place.
How can i come over this?

Issue resolved by setting MTU value in witfi configuration.

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