Firmware lags and is not smooth. Any Suggestions.

Hi I am running on stable and the firmware is no where ad smooth as my oneplus one running on Cynogen mod 12s.
Example when playing an mp3 on the default music app and then doing browsing the music will cut off and continue when scrolling. It is jerky and feels like the slow processor that can’t keep up with the software. I believe this is related to the the so claimed exynos processor on it. I browsed some videos on the Samsung s6 and see that it also faces similar issues. How do you guys feel about the stability and smoothness of the pro 5.

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I would recommend installing newest 5.5. *. * or 5.6. *. * firmware. Also in battery settings make sure performance mode is set to balanced or high performance, if you keep it on battery saving performance setting it will only allow the system to use the low power cores which isn’t optimal.

Thanks I do have it in performance mode.
Have you experienced this issue in and has the 5.5.1 resolved this problem.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@ademli did you get the lags also on previous Firmwares ? because ive heard lots of good comments of the pro 5

@ademli Are you using the stock flyme launcher or a custom launcher?

@Anice29 Hi Yes I am using the flyme launcher. Software is usable but no where near as smooth thank you would expect it to be. If feel that either it’s associated to the hardware or the software isn’t working well. I just wanted to see if others were experiencing this issue on the the stable firmware. I didn’t want to keep changing firmwares if this was a common problem with also the other firmwares. And definitely I will not go back to flyme 4.5.4… The interface is rubbish compared to flyme 5. Thanks

@ademli I had some lags during music when pressing the home button only whe using google launcher but on Flyme I never hard any lags in music playback. I just went back to 4.5 . The old music player with Dirac HD sounds so much better than the new one, and Meizu is forcing the Music app to stay at a recent version to avoid the Dirac HD bug in version 5 of the music player which is annoying. Too bad flyme 4.5 is not as good to use as flyme 5

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