Need to reverse update HELP!

I just got my M2 and I dowloaded all the basic apps off of google play then I whent to the updater. It said update not really thinking about it I updated the phone and now I cant download anything off of Google play. I try to factory reset phone but it kept the update. Is there anyway to reverse it?

dont worry. google play can be installed by downloading google installer from meizu market. if after that play store is not working ,just delete google services, restart and try again, it will work i promise.

either way, it might not be a bad idea to go back to older versions sinve the later ones have some annoying bugs

@nowv I see a lot of these posts telling people to wipe the app data and reboot… That’s just way too much bother!

Literally all you need to do is go to settings, language and time, uncheck automatic and change the time and date so they are wrong, hit home button, open settings again and change time and date so they are correct and turn them back to automatic.

Easy as that. 10 seconds to do at most.

@ShadowOfDeth Thanks this fixed it had to do it two times but now google play works thanks a ton.

@Johnny-Ray Yeah I’ve had to do it every time I updated and 8/10 times it works in one go. Beats having to wipe cache and reboot every time anyway.

thanks forthe tip, that isa much better way indeed:smile:

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