missing "upgrade" app when bought

hi guys i have a huge problem i hope someone can help me. i bought meizu mx5 and i downloaded the firmware then i realized theres no “Upgrade” app on this phone, i already told the seller its missing and i was asked to download it. can someone give me a link or apk for the “Upgrade” app so i can upgrade my os to flyme 5?

Hello friend, did it work?


@Leigh-Cellano just flash an update from recovery. You don’t need that upgrade app

@Ultrametric if i go to recovery, it says file is corrupt. I have tryed diferent download (from pc, from phone, this page, meizu page), with no success :(


@Millz I guess you have the Chinese phone and try to install the Global/International firmware.

All the upgrade app does, is start an upgrade from Recovery… so the app helps you not.

I have MX5 with Flyme OS :(
I realy want to upgrade. any sugestions?

Buddy, i manage to do it.
: :Boot your Phone in recovery
: :Plug in to the computer
: :Place update.zip in the recovery folder that will pop up in your computer
: :Select Upgrade+Clear on the phone.
Worked for me.

Good Luck

@blank420 this link doesnt work…plzzz u can send again plzzz…

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