side of, help :)

Hi… I have problem. I bought meizu and I dont know, if it is you have it too? As if cratchy. Thanks :)

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those look like fingerprints to me, after i checked the sides of my phone and wiped it a few times the prints went away.
after all its metal so ou can expect it to scratch a little bit.

So, it is normal? Sorry i have bad english

@jiricekk Its polished metal so of course you will get finger prints on there. Just give it a wipe with a good microfibre cloth. That said, because it is polished metal (soft metal too) you WILL get scratches. That’s just a fact. No matter how careful you are.

It’s a fairly big design flaw if you ask me. All these companies using chamfered edges that show signs of damage within days of owning your shiny new phone. When will they learn?

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