Flyme OS 4.5.3O

Good day to all. I have a Meizu M2 mini phone with Flyme OS 4.5.3O . Can i upgrade to 4.5.4I ? Any download link and upgrade tut please? Thank you and have a nice day

This post is deleted!

upgrade from 4.5.3O to 4.5.4I
rom from

Upgrade procedure:

  1. Copy firmware “” onto the phone, open the “Documents” and click the firmware “” to upgrade firmware
  2. System upgrading, please do not shut down the phone
  3. The system will automatically reboot after upgraded
  4. After boot up, please check “Settings->About” to verify the correct firmware version is installed

themes gone as expected, flyme account remains, and all data and programs after upgrade stayed as before.

Ive used the search function but i didnt find any good response. Today i`ve upgraded the O version to I succesfully. Have a nice day

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