Swift Keyboard app disappears

Hi I lose my swift keyboard that i have downloaded from the playstore. I have also installed and tried a couple of other keyboard apps which don’t have this problem. I prefer using the swift keyboard app but unfortunately have to uninstall and then reinstall and after 10 minutes of use i will retry using it and i will have no keyboard available. Has anyone else had this issue and been able to resolve it. I am using firmware. Thanks

Me too.
Have the exact same issue.

It happened to me too once (I’m on test firmware) but after reinstalling it it seems to work properly at least after a day of using the phone and the swift keyboard quite extensively.

It it a known issue…
Try swiftkey beta…
Or use Google keyboard or other one.

Search on GooglePlay Swift beta! Works fine.

Thanks to everyone that replied.
I do prefer using Swift as it is much easier and has a better user interface.
I downloaded the swift beta as suggested and it works fine. Problem resolved 👍

Meizu Pro 5 sometimes have the same problem… for resolve this i only have to go “settings”, in “language and entry” select swift keyboard and in swift app configure it and select the theme…
when this happens i see an (text) notify for select keyboard…

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