Native Email

I have a issue with the native email app.
It´s waiking the phone too often that my battery lasts not for long.
That was not an issue in 4.5 versions only the 5.1 beta and stable.
All other apps behave normal. I have 4 email applications with push and the native is catastrofic.
Some stats:
Phone screen off: 3h 4m
Normal sleep time: 1h 33m
Applications forced wake-up time: 1h 31m
Email forced wake: 1h 19m
All other apps are at maximum 5m wake time.

I can´t use other email applications because it´s restricted from the company I work at to only native apps.
The issue repporting app is only in Chinese and I can´t report my problem.
Does anybody have same problems?

Uses gmail or outlook.

All 3rd party apps work as they should but the original native email app uses battery around 50% in screen off time.
I can´t change to another application because of the corporate settings restrict all except the standard app.

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