Meizu MX4 Pro Virtual Reality?

Hello guys this is my first post here, so be gentle^^

My question is, can i use the Meizu MX4 Pro for Virtual Reality?
Because the Oculus launched today but it’s too expensive for me (699$) vs MX4 Pro + Goggles (200$).

I have a Lumia 1020 and it’s awful, for virtual reality, nearly no apps and it’s so laggy and not responisve in VR, i get motion Sick cause of the lagg. And its low resulution.
One of my firends has the Galaxy S6 and it’s nice and responsive, but again 500$…

So has anyone tested VR on this Phone, PC powered, like TrinusVR or Phone Apps?
How responsive is it?

Than you for your Feedback

The phone specs are verry good so yes it can run any game but i got eboda 3d eyes an i can say that you wont use it verry often. It bores you fast. I own a MX4 Pro and i’m really satisfied.


What do you mean with “eboda 3d eyes” ?

Can you may be just try and give a short Feedback, thank you?

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