Meizu to cut 5% of their workers

After boasting with a gigantic sales record of more than 20 million sold devices, Meizu surprisingly announced to cut 5% of their 4000 workers.
It is planned to trim these 200 people until mid February this year.
But thats not everything - until the end of the year more than 10% are supposed to leave the company!

According to Li Nan the idea came from current CEO, Bai Yongxiang, who was inspired by the so called “20-70-10” model, which was invented by former General Electrics Chariman Jack Welch.

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@Rey You better read the Bloomberg story again ;)

They are not cutting 10% of the workforce during this year. They are going to limit the headcount growth to max 10%. So they are getting rid of 5% of worst performers and at the same time keep growing.

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