Flyme OS 5

When will india get flyme OS 5 officially beacuse in global version Google Play Store is not working.

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Meizu MX5

So , if i understand , you are from India , and you have upgraded to Flyme , and the Google Play Store is not working ? The problem you are facing is : Error retrieving information from server [RPC S-7 AEC-7] ? If so , go to Settings -> Other Account -> Remove your account , then go to Settings -> Apps -> All -> Search for Google Play store and Clear all data ! After that , reinsert your account in Google Play Store app , and try downloading again (if it’s not working , just try download again) . It worked for me ! Cheers !

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I am not sure that [RPC S-7 AEC-7] is the error because it says no network connection try again.

Can Anybody find Vault in Flyme OS 5 in india?

What is difference between Flyme and Flyme

@Akashpeace G probably is global and I may represent Indian in future… A is the chinese version.

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@Akashpeace Did you clear data while upgrading to 5? If not try again and this time clear data. That way you’ll be adding google account again and there may not be such problem.

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@Akashpeace if it says ‘no network connection try again’ , restart the phone , for me it works . :smiley:

Does OS support indian sim?

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