Howto downgrade M1 Metal

Howto downgrade M1 Metal Flyme OS To Flyme OS 4.5.7I to get more language

That is not possible, there’s no Flyme OS 4.5.7I firmware for m1 Metal.

hi @Efren

thanks for reply

my problem is that I want to change my language to Turkish from english How can I do this ?


@abasko not possible.
Meizu has removed all languages in their newer firmwares. Only international firmwares feature them. So I guess you are stuck to english now.


Hello, Why didn’t you ask this question before you got the phone? It would have made things easier :(

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Hi @Ultrametric

This phone is my friends phone. He bought from China.
I try to help him. He didn’t guess this problem.

If this is possible. How can I do this ?

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