HELP! Fingerprint Sensor Hardware Info Check

Could someone install Hardware Info (by JFDP Labs) and let me know what the fingerprint sensor is called and/or which section it comes under. (Or use another software app)

I have been scammed by Aliexpress with refurbished phone and I guess they have switched the button to a cheap one without fingerprint sensor!

A picture would also help, many thanks!!

I don’t think it appears in hardware info apps. You should try in settings. If it doesn’t work you shoul go back to those who repaired your phone and tell them. I got the same problem but i was near the guy who repaired my phone and the button didn’t responded— he forgot to connect it.

I bought phone new, it has no seial number and bad IMEI and fingerprint wont work, I looked at teardown videos and opened my phone and the fingerprint/home button connector doesnt have any white stuff on it, the button looks to be a replacement home button as found on Aliexpress :(

Hi DjJinx!

Wich seller sold you the phone? My fingerprint reader doesn’t work neither the microphone, and I suspect that I’m scammed. The back function (home button + fingerprint swipping neither work).

My seller were Silver River Team - Xaio Long Shop

I just checkt my IMEI number. It’s an invalid one!!! WTF!!!


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