MX5 home button not working properly


I am having problems with my MX5.

The home button works on and of regarding finger print reading and using it as a “back” button feature.

It always functions when a press it. But a lot of times it doesnt read fingerprints. I also cant use the “back” feature of the button at that time… which makes it very anoying…

Did anyone encounter the same problem ???

Thanks for the help



Try to clean the button first and also re-read your fingerprints.
If this does not helps it is very likely to be a hardware failure.

Lastly you can also try to reflash the firmware with clear data.

@Rey I dont know about hardware being the issue. Beacose it works half the time just fine… Its strange…


@miller1 this might sound stupid. When you have a drinking glass… And you break it a bit, you might be still able to fill out half full with water, yet some would say it’s broken.

Did you always have the issue? If you don’t think it’s frosted to the hardware, turn please describe all saturations when it works and doesn’t work.

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