Flyme OS test firmware (MX4)

Lock screen

  • FIX: After unplug the charger, charging animation does not go away.

Audio frequency

  • Fix: use the headset mode to play music in the background, entering the music volume will become a big issue again.


  • T9 search: T9 search optimization, support for searching a strange number in the call log and local Yellow Pages numbers.
  • Optimization: Long press the call records eject option card dialing, editing, etc. menu.
  • Optimization: Online correction support the numbers marked as “private number”.
  • Optimization: Yellow contact details page increase online service portal.
  • Optimization: Choose a contact interface, support for select groups, the entire group can batch select all contacts.
  • Optimization: Modify the dial-up fails Copywriting Tips.
  • Optimization: A strange number select “Add to existing contact”, the choice to return to the previous level contacts.
  • Repair: Repair and double-digit cornet make a call does not generate call records of problems of user feedback.
  • Repair: choose a contact picture number dialed, the call interface displays animated avatar Caton problems in the call log.


  • Optimization: weather, tape recorders, and other applications set to increase support for Talkback’s.
  • Repair: Repair open Talkback, Go to Settings - Fingerprint and security password, you can not enter a password, you can not use a lock screen password problem.
  • Repair: Repair open Talkback, music, play, pause, previous track, next track no problem text labels.

Mobile butler

  • Fix: Limit power under no unread messages receive SMS notification problem.
  • Repair: Some third-party applications permissions positioning control failure problems.


  • Optimization: Modify Pages Contact Skip contact details of jump method.
  • Optimization: Optimization SMS card algorithm, repair some user feedback parse the wrong question.


  • Optimization: Optimization light field camera mode.


  • Optimization: Increase the error prompt for the enterprise Wi-Fi authentication type.


  • Cloud Acceleration: New cloud acceleration, compression province flow speed browsing, save up to 80% of the traffic.
  • Fiction card: Add fiction cards, various wangwen updated in real time, to see them all.
  • Hot words card: Add hot word cards, easy to grasp the real-time dynamic news.
  • Optimization: Optimization about interface switching animation, use more smoothly.
  • Optimization: Redraw multi-window view animation, jumps more freedom.



hello when will be available inernational version for meizu mx4? thank for answer

@Rey hey, would you update from to if wipe data is necessary? is it worthy? thx


@vito333, test firmwares will never become available for the international MX4. Only stable ones.
A stable release can be expected in February.

@pexo, I do not own a MX4. However, I would recommend to clear data once in a while. So maybe do this one with “Clear Data”.
And yes, I think it should be worth to do so, as you are 2 versions behind this release.

I am currently on the 18 december Flyme 5 release (emmaus), with TWRP recovery, unlocked bootloader and the model is a MX4 A version 32GB. Which steps should I take in order to flash this version without brick?..I do not mind clearing the data…

Thanks in advance!


As you already said for yourself, you have a high chance to brick your device.
And to be honest, I have no clue how to. Besides clearing data, I would also wipe your device over TWRP.

I could flash patched Flyme recovery via Flashify, go back to with modified uboot which preserves unlocked bootloader, re-flash original official to relock bootloader and put back unmodified recovery and try to flash this release from recovery, again, with clearing data…in this case are there still big chances to brick it? Don’t wanna risk it…


I would say that this would be more secure. However, unfortunately I do not own a MX4 and therefore do not want you to risk a brick.
Sorry that I cannot help with it :disappointed:

Maybe in this release they fixed 1080p recording quality? :)

Flashed as I did say, zero brick, booted right away. I have seen that the initial MEIZU logo on boot has its font sightly changed.

And they don’t fix it… Do anyone have same problem?

includes all languages?

Meizu Pro 6

@Dzeikas said:

And they don’t fix it… Do anyone have same problem?

What is your problem with 1080p?

I haven’t noticed any issues. 1080p works for me and the quality seems fine.

@generationally video is very pixelated… Only in 4K is good…

Meizu Pro 6

@Dzeikas Hmmm, I haven’t noticed such problems in any of the FW versions I have used. I’m currently on and 1080p video looks fine.

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